Reforming Long-Term Care in the United States: Findings From a National Survey of Specialists

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To inform long-term care reform efforts, a web-based survey of over 1,000 LTC specialists nationwide was conducted. Findings included the need for LTC to be rebalanced toward HCBS settings, though few supported doing so by limiting nursing home bed supply. Although virtually all felt that the federal government was doing a poor job regulating LTC providers, most believed that the approaches used to oversee nursing homes should also be applied to assisted living.
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Miller, Edward Alan; Mor, Vincent; Clark, Melissa
Journal - The Gerontologist
Cash and Counseling
challenges; financing; insurance; informed choices; organizational change; resident-centered care; quality; home health care agencies


Edward Alan Miller
Dept. of Gerontology, McCormack Grad. School of Policy Studies, UMass, Boston

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