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How to Price Long-Term Services and Supports

This course, which consists of five (5) distinct segments for easy viewing, provides the rigorous yet practical approaches to pricing long-term services and supports. For many of organizations selling their services in order to generate maximum net income is an unfamiliar activity. However, there are many pricing models and approaches that have been deployed in other sectors from which CBO’s can learn. This course teaches profitable commercial pricing strategies.

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Managed and Integrated Care Bootcamp: Packaging Your Services: Telling Your Value Story

This interactive session, from n4a’s 2016 annual conference, helped participants learn how to tell their organization’s story and package their “products” in ways that will help them get noticed and appreciated by health care payers. Presenters included representatives from health plans who discussed what they look for in a “pitch” from a community-based organization seeking to market its services.

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Residential Information Systems Project Annual Report: Status and Trends Through 2015

This is a technical report about the supports and services that people with IDD receive through the State IDD agency. In addition to the report, there are state profiles, which describe status and trends for each state in the country, and a chart gallery, which is an interactive tool to view detailed data by state, year, and funding authority. Topics include ICF/IID and Medicaid Waiver recipients, expenditures and expenditures per person from 1977 to 2015.

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Bridging the Health and Housing Gap Transitioning Medicaid Recipients from Institutions to the Community in the Context of Housing Shortages and Affordability

This report reviews federal health and housing policies, noting the barriers created that seniors with clinically-driven housing insecurity must navigate. It also reviews a series of initiatives that ACAP members are undertaking to address housing as a social determinant for this vulnerable population, with examples from California, Ohio, and North Carolina.

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Improving Professional Caregiving in the United States: Challenges and Opportunities

This paper discusses the long-term services and supports landscape; individuals who work with a direct service worker; the direct service worker profession; the direct service worker shortage; challenges for individuals served by direct service workers; and pathways to improvements.

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Emerging Innovations in Managed Long-Term Services and Supports for Family Caregivers

This paper provides direct insights from managed care leaders about family caregiver supports and provides examples of how progressive managed care plans are supporting family caregivers who are caring for plan members with LTSS needs. The paper discusses how it is important to understand and address family caregivers’ roles and their needs in order to have a high-performing LTSS system, because the family provides the lion’s share of LTSS to people who need help.

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Key Issues in Long-Term Services and Supports Quality

This issue brief from the Kaiser Family Foundation discusses four key issues related to long-term services and supports (LTSS), including institutional and home and community-based services (HCBS) quality, highlighting major legislative and policy changes over the last 30 years. The brief also includes data about LTSS providers and consumers, summarizes key federal laws and policies related to quality, and lists selected federal quality measures.

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Understanding and Advocating for Effective Implementation of the Home and Community-Based Services Settings Rule

This guide is designed to provide elder law attorneys with a better understanding of the HCBS Settings Rule and how they can advocate for a strong, effective system that achieves the spirit and intent of the rule. The guide includes an overview of the rule, a process for states to comply with the HCBS Rule, opportunities for advocacy to promote your clients' best interests, and a review of special issues including dementia care and evictions.

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