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Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Organized Health Care Delivery Systems
Older Americans Act (OAA)
Federal legislation that specifically addresses the needs of older adults in the United States. Provides some funding for aging services (such as home-delivered meals, congregate meals, senior center, and employment programs). Creates the structure of federal, state, and local agencies that oversee aging services programs. (See also Title III services.)
Olmstead v. LC
The case of Olmstead v. L.C. involved two Georgia women who had dual diagnoses (mental illness and mental retardation) and who were residing in a state mental health facility. They were denied home care because of inadequate funding. In June of 1999, the Supreme Court found that unjustified isolation is properly regarded as discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and required that the women be served “in the most integrated setting appropriate to [their] needs.” (Olmstead v. L.C., June 1999, p.6) In the Olmstead decision, the Supreme Court established specific conditions when community based services were required for persons with disabilities: the State’s treatment professionals have determined that community placement is appropriate the transfer from institutional care to a less restrictive setting is not opposed by the affected individual, and the placement can be reasonably accommodated, taking into account the resources available to the state and the needs of others. (Olmstead v. L.C. , June 1999, p.1)
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