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Senior Center
Provides a variety of on-site programs for older adults including recreation, socialization, congregate meals, and some health services. Usually a good source of information about area programs and services.
Service Entry Point
Service Coordinators
Assist consumers to assess their need for services, arrange and coordinate the services, and monitor the services. Different programs use different terms, including \\\"case managers,\\\" \\\"care managers\\\" and \\\"service brokers.\\\" Case Manager is the term for \\\"service coordinator\\\" used by the Medicaid Program and some state HCBS programs. In addition to assessing the need for services, arranging and coordinating services, case managers may also approve or \\\"authorize\\\" payments for home and community based services.
Service Plan
Written document which outlines the types and frequency of the long-term care services that a consumer receives. It may include treatment goals for him or her for a specified time period. (also called care plan or treatment plan)
Substantial Gainful Activity
Single Point of Entry
Provides a one stop place to gather information on referral and advocacy, to find out about and apply for services, and to evaluate and provide recommendations about services.
Skilled Nursing Facility
Social Services Block Grant Services
Grants given to states under the Social Security Act which fund limited amounts of social services for people of all ages (including some in-home services, abuse prevention services, and more). (formerly known as Title XX services)
Medicaid financial eligibility requirements are strict, and may require beneficiaries to spend down/use up assets or income until they reach the eligibility level.
Social Security Administration
State Supplemental Payment
State Unit on Aging
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
A program of support for low-income aged, blind and disabled persons, established by Title XVI of the Social Security Act. SSI replaced state welfare programs for the aged, blind and disabled in 1972, with a federally administered program, paying a monthly basic benefit nationwide of $512 for an individual and $769 for a couple in January 2000. States may supplement this basic benefit amount.
Support Broker
The individual or agency who arranges for the specific services and supports a consumer and/or family needs. The broker acts on behalf of the consumer to arrange these services and supports. A key principle of self-determination is the shifting of control from the funding agency to the consumer.
Support Groups
Groups of people who share a common bond (e.g., caregivers) who come together on a regular basis to share problems and experiences. May be sponsored by social service agencies, senior centers, religious organizations, as well as organizations such as the Alzheimer\\'s Association.
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