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Inventory for Client and Agency Planning
Intermediate Care Facility
Intermediate Care Facilities for persons with Mental Retardation
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
In-Home Supportive Services
Institution for Mental Disease
Independence Plus
These waiver templates give states tools to create programs that allow people with disabilities and their families to decide how best to plan, obtain and sustain community-based services, placing control into the hands of the people using the services.
Individual Budgets
Are the funds or resources available to participants to meet their needs. They may directly manage their services and expenditures or assign this task to a representative who can express the participants’ preferences. An individual budget is the key program element that increases choice and control.
Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL’s)
Include housekeeping, cooking, shopping, laundry, medication management, money management, and communication.
Intermediary Service Organizations (ISOs)
May provide assistance to consumers who choose consumer direction. An ISO may also be called \\\"fiscal intermediary\\\" or \\\"employer agent.\\\" ISOs may perform one or more of the following tasks to support consumers: Provide training on worker management issues. Assist consumers with managing their workers. Assist with paperwork required when consumers use vouchers or cash to pay their workers (such as filling out time sheets, completing tax forms, paying Social Security taxes).
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