State Technical Assistance

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ADvancing States provides technical assistance on a wide variety of issues to support the ability to build and maintain robust long- term services and supports systems. ADvancing States serves as a locus for the exchange of information on state aging and disability programs, promising practices, strategic planning, administrative and regulatory decision points, and administrative structures. Technical assistance consists of surveys and synthesis of findings, organizing state-to-state teleconferences, and reviewing and commenting on state materials.

Technical assistance currently is offered under grant-funded efforts as well as limited state specific technical assistance funded by member assessments. 

ADvancing States technical assistance and support is supported in six key areas of high functioning person-centered long- term services and supports systems including:

  1. Supporting consumer access

  2. Encouraging health and wellness

  3. Promoting community engagement and integration

  4. Preventing abuse & exploitation

  5. Creating sustainable systems

  6. Measuring quality

For more information on the grant-funded TA resources, above, please visit the initiatives page