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Temporary Assistance for Needy Families-TANF provides assistance and work opportunities to needy families by granting states the federal funds and flexibility to develop and implement their own welfare programs.
Targeted case management
Refers to case management services provided only to specific Medicaid beneficiary groups, defined either by disease or medical condition (e.g., HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, chronic physical or mental illness) or by geographic regions (e.g., county or city). Described in Social Security Act 1915(g).
Targeted Case Management
Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act
Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act (TWWIIA)
This legislation was enacted to allow individuals with disabilities to work. Title I of the act provides access to employment training and placement services and Title II of the act provides health care supports for working individuals with disabilities.
Title III Services
Services provided to individuals age 60 and older which are funded under Title III of the Older Americans Act. Include: congregate and home-delivered meals, supportive services (e.g., transportation, information and referral, legal assistance, and more), in-home services (e.g., homemaker services, personal care, chore services, and more), and health promotion/disease prevention services (e.g., health screenings, exercise programs, and more). (See also Older Americans Act.)
Title XIX (Medicaid)
Federal- and state-funded program of medical assistance to low-income individuals of all ages. There are income eligibility requirements for Medicaid.
Title XVIII (Medicare)
Federal health insurance program for persons age 65 and over (and certain disabled persons under age 65). Consists of 2 parts: Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (optional medical insurance which covers physicians\\' services and outpatient care in part and which requires beneficiaries to pay a monthly premium).
Title XX Services
Grants given to states under the Social Security Act which fund limited amounts of social services for people of all ages (including some in-home services, abuse prevention services, and more). (now known as Social Services Block Grant services)
Treatment Plan
Written document which outlines the types and frequency of the long-term care services that a consumer receives. It may include treatment goals for him or her for a specified time period. (also called care plan or service plan)
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