Personal Care Assistance 40 Hour Training: Appendices

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  • Appendix A: PCA Training Instructor Form PDF
  • Appendix B: PCA Training Course Evaluation PDF
  • Appendix C: Functional Skills Checklist PDF
  • Appendix D: PCA Program Regulations PDF
  • Appendix E: Service Plan/Allowable Task Guide PDF
  • Appendix F: PAS Manual Independent Living PDF
  • Appendix G: Self-Determination Fact Sheet PDF
  • Appendix H: Self-Determination Report PDF
  • Appendix I: People First Report PDF
  • Appendix J: Disability Etiquette PDF
  • Appendix I: Intro PDF

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As part of its CPASS grant, Alaska developed a curriculum for personal care assistant training. This curriculum goes through the various responsibilities that a home health worker would encounter. The curriculum is a total of 40 hours, followed up by written exams. These are the appendices to go along with Alaska's Personal Care Assistance 40 Hour Training Curriculum
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King, Christine; Kassier, Marjorie; McIntosh, Cathy
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Money Follows the Person; Olmstead
personal care assistant; personal care assistance; training; curriculum; long term care; home health workers; disability


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