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  • Fact Sheet - Asset Development PDF
  • Fact Sheet - Knowing Your Rights PDF
  • Fact Sheet - Looking for a Job PDF
  • Fact Sheet - MAWD PDF
  • Fact Sheet - Self-Employment PDF
  • Fact Sheet - Taxes PDF
  • Fact Sheet - Ticket Program PDF
  • Fact Sheet - Work Incentives PDF

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How are states getting the facts out to consumers about their MIG program? South Dakota is providing readers with information about SSA Work Incentives, Taxes, Medicaid Buy In, Self Employment, Asset Development, Looking for a Job, Knowing Your Rights, and the Ticket To Work Program through fact sheets that outline the program and resources. Samples are attached and could serve as a guide to other MIG grantees.
Grantee produced
South Dakota
Asset Development; Consumer Credit Counseling Services; Equal Access and Opportunity; Reasonable Accommodations; Health Insurance; South Dakota Department of Labor; Career Learning Centers; Job shadowing; Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities; MAWD; Self-Employment; Community Resources; Federal Income Taxes; Self-Sufficiency Program; South Dakota Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program; SDWIPA; Social Security Work Incentives


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