OAA Final Rule: Enhanced Support Available

ADvancing States is pleased to offer Enhanced Technical Assistance (TA) as states seek to come into compliance with the OAA final rule.

TA opportunities include:

  • Comparative Analysis: ADvancing States staff will review your state’s overall system and compare it to the OAA final rule to identify gaps, areas of concern, items to address, etc.
  • Implementation Checklist: After the comparative analysis is complete, ADvancing States will develop an implementation checklist of all of the items needing to be addressed.
  • Corrective Action Plan (CAP): ADvancing States will work with your state to develop a CAP that can be submitted to ACL with realistic timeframes for implementing the necessary changes.
  • Workplan: ADvancing States will develop a workplan to ensure all of the items in the CAP are completed by the deadlines included in the CAP.
  • Policies and Procedures: ADvancing States will draft state-specific policies and procedures.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: ADvancing States can assist in informing interested parties and can support states in soliciting input and feedback on rule implementation.
  • Training: ADvancing States will create and deliver training on the new policies and procedures. ADvancing States can host training on the online training platform ADvancingStatesIQ on a state-specific page.
  • Conflicts of Interest: ADvancing States can assist with the development of remediation and mitigation of COIs.
  • Monitoring & Maintenance: ADvancing States can support ongoing training of AAAs and state staff to ensure compliance with the final rule and can provide support for maintenance of the ADvancingStatesIQ state-specific page.

States may elect to engage with ADvancing States on all or some of the opportunities listed. Please note: ADvancing States will tailor the opportunities to best fit the needs of each state. To find out more email aging@advancingstates.org

News date: 
Friday, March 15, 2024