State Resources

On this page, we have organized a variety of state-specific aging and disability resources. This includes resources provided by state aging and disability agencies as well as resources about state agencies. The intention of this resource list, and the individual state pages that can be accessed below, is to facilitate easier peer-to-peer exchange of information between states. 

Each state has a page, accessible using the map below, where we have collected state agency director contact information as well as state specific resources, such as:

  • State Plan on Aging
  • Future Planning Resources
  • Consumer Access Resources
  • State Aging and Disability Agency Profiles
  • The Medicaid Integration Tracker

We will continue adding resources to these pages as they become available. We hope that these pages will prove useful to states as they evaluate, compare, and learn from how other aging and disability agencies operate.

If your state has additional resources they would like to share or update, please contact us at

Click on a state below or search our interactive list to find state specific resources.

State Resources

Title State Resource Type Post date

Illinois State Plan on Aging

IL State Plan on Aging 10/1/2021

Indiana Advance Directives Resource Center

IN Future Planning 1/14/2022

Indiana Consumer Access Resources

IN Consumer Access Resources 9/9/2021

Indiana Medicaid Integration Tracker

IN Medicaid Integration Tracker 7/13/2021

Indiana State Aging and Disabilities Agency Profile

IN State Aging and Disabilities Agency Profile 4/1/2021

Indiana State Plan on Aging

IN State Plan on Aging 11/21/2022

Kansas Advance Directives FAQs

KS Future Planning 1/18/2022

Kansas Care Coordination and Other Services

KS Future Planning 1/18/2022

Kansas Consumer Access Resources

KS Consumer Access Resources 9/9/2021

Kansas Medicaid Integration Tracker

KS Medicaid Integration Tracker 7/13/2021

Kansas State Aging and Disabilities Agency Profile

KS State Aging and Disabilities Agency Profile 4/1/2021

Kansas State Plan on Aging

KS State Plan on Aging 10/31/2022

Kentucky Consumer Access Resources

KY Consumer Access Resources 9/9/2021

Kentucky Medicaid Integration Tracker

KY Medicaid Integration Tracker 7/13/2021

Kentucky State Aging and Disabilities Agency Profile

KY State Aging and Disabilities Agency Profile 4/1/2021

Kentucky State Plan on Aging

KY State Plan on Aging 12/14/2022

Living Wills in Kentucky

KY Future Planning 1/18/2022

Louisiana Advance Directive Health Education Sheet

LA Future planning 1/18/2022

Louisiana Consumer Access Resources

LA Consumer Access Resources 9/9/2021

Louisiana Medicaid Integration Tracker

LA Medicaid Integration Tracker 7/13/2021

Louisiana State Aging and Disabilities Agency Profile

LA State Aging and Disabilities Agency Profile 4/1/2021

Louisiana State Plan on Aging

LA State Plan on Aging 10/1/2023

Massachusetts Consumer Access Resources

MA Consumer Access Resources 9/9/2021

Massachusetts Law About Health Care Proxies and Living Wills

MA Future Planning 1/19/2022

Massachusetts Medicaid Integration Tracker

MA Medicaid Integration Tracker 7/15/2021