COVID-19 Resources

ADvancing States has launched this new section of our website in order to provide updated information on Cornonavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). This section highlights the latest guidance from our federal partners. We are also beginning to collect state resources and will continue to update the website as states share their resources with us.  

Resources currently available include:

  • ADvancing States Resources, including advocacy letters to Congress and ideas for addressing social isolation.
  •, an online matching tool that pairs job seekers with healthcare facilities in need of additional staff.
  • A list of CMS Waiver Approvals
  • Federal guidance from our partners, including ACL, CMS, and the CDC. This section now also includes a list of FEMA approved Major Disaster Declarations.
  • A live version of the CDC's Microsite with background information for healthcare professionals and health departments.
  • State Materials produced by health departments and agencies, including contact numbers for public information hotlines. ADVancing States members: Please email with any additional state materials you would like included in this section.
  • Business Solutions to help support state agencies during COVID-19.