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The I&R Support Center hosts webinars on a regular basis with I&R Specialists concerning topics of interest to those who work in the field of aging and disability Information and Referral/Assistance. Webinars are recorded and are available for on-demand viewing at no cost on ADvancing States IQ, our online learning center. Webinar presentations and any handouts are available with the webinar recordings. If you are new to ADvancing States IQ, simply create an account for yourself to access recorded webinars. See the table below for available webinars; search functions allow you to find webinars by keyword, content category, or year. Click the title of the webinar to access the recording and materials on IQ. 

Information on upcoming webinars is disseminated through the I&R Center’s distribution list; to join, please click here


I&R Webinars

Title Description Date
Strategies to Combat Social Isolation and Increase Support for Caregivers and People Living with Dementia

This webinar discussed how COVID has impacted caregivers and people living with dementia, how delivery of services had to be adjusted including the adaptation of previous solutions for caregivers that would no longer work because of COVID safety procedures, and what will continue when more programs and services can be offered in-person. 

IQ Category: Disaster and Emergency Response

May 20, 2021
One Year In: COVID-19 Information and Resources for Aging and Disabilities Programs

This training provides an overview of COVID-19 risks for populations you serve, vaccine distribution nationally, and considerations of what lies ahead. See data on the impacts COVID-19 has had on I&R/A programs. Hear from the Georgia Institute of Technology Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation about accessible materials and resources from existing CDC COVID-19 guidance developed for disability audiences. Leave with real-time resources for you to access as the field collectively works to distribute vital health information to those who need it most.

IQ Category: Disaster and Emergency Response

April 22, 2021
CV19 Check Up

This webinar highlights the online, free, and confidential tool, CV19 CheckUp, which is available to help users across the country evaluate their own risk levels associated with COVID-19 through a personalized and comprehensive questionnaire. Data collected through CV19 CheckUp so far is already helping to highlight why it’s so critical to focus efforts around helping older adults understand and mitigate risk.

IQ Category: Disaster and Emergency Response

February 10, 2021
Benefits Access and Enrollment During COVID-19

Due to changes in federal regulation and law, states are responding to COVID-19 with changes in policies and procedures to ensure individuals have access to public benefit programs. Presenters described examples of opportunities and adjustments that states have made to connect older adults and persons with disabilities to critical benefit programs during the pandemic. The webinar includes data from an ADvancing States COVID-19 membership survey. Additionally, Massachusetts’ SHINE program describes how they are operating and responding during the pandemic to continue to connect consumers to benefits.

IQ Category: Disaster and Emergency Response

September 30, 2020
The Role of State Units on Aging in Home Modification and Repair: Lessons from a National Survey

With support from the Administration for Community Living and in partnership with ADvancing States, the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology surveyed state and territorial agencies on aging and disabilities to develop a knowledge base of state home modification and repair (HMR) activities for older adults and persons with disabilities. This webinar features the findings from the 50 SUA respondents, and provides examples of the challenges, opportunities, and successes related to maximizing older adults’ access to HMR polices, programs, and funding sources at the state level.

IQ Category: Community Integration

July 23, 2020
The True Cost of Growing Old in America: Implications for States

During this webinar, you will learn about the Elder Index, a tool that measures cost of living for older adults in every state and county in the U.S. The COVID-19 pandemic will have long-lasting implications for the financial security of older people, and for information and service needs on the state and local level. This webinar discusses how the Elder Index can inform your planning and evaluation.

IQ Category: Community Integration

April 15, 2020
Supported Decision-Making for Older Adults

This webinar reviews the basics of supported decision-making and provided practical examples on how to advance its use in the lives of for older adults. Tools and tips from this webinar can help older adults in care planning. Presenters: Rebekah Diller, Clinical Professor of Law at Cardozo School of Law, and Morgan Whitlatch, Legal Director at Quality Trust.

IQ Category: Community Integration

February 26, 2020