Training Support

Training is necessary to ensure that state-employed and community-based assessors appropriately interpret and code interRAI items to accurately determine an individual’s eligibility for certain services, and to assist in the development of a person-centered plan of supports and services for individuals choosing to participate in these services.  ADvancing interRAI offers broad training support.

In-person training:

All ADvancing interRAI participating states receive assessor training in their state in the first year of participation, delivered by highly interRAI expert trainers.  The format of these trainings may be a “boot camp” or follow a “train the trainer” approach, and ADvancing interRAI training leads can provide guidance on which format is most advantageous.  In addition, special in-person training will be held at the annual ADvancing States HCBS Conference.  Additional supplemental in-person training may also be available outside of the ADvancing interRAI package.

Online training:

ADvancing interRAI has partnered with Relias, an online learning platform, for continued online training.  Relias utilizes self-paced training and covers how to use the interRAI tool and assess clients, competency evaluations to measure understanding of the training received, and education analytics as a tool to help educators and managers understand the strengths and challenges of their staff. This platform will blend effectively with the in-person training and provide ongoing review and training for staff.  These courses are delivered and managed through the Relias Platform, which streamlines the integration, delivery, tracking, management, and reporting of staff training. State staff will have the ability to assign the training to their assessors and have full access to the reporting feature, including setting up email notifications for when someone has completed the training. 

Additional Training Support:

The ADvancing interRAI training group holds a virtual meeting every-other-month to discuss questions and topics that have been highlighted by participating states.  These calls will also provide the opportunity for state staff working in the training space to share strategies and experiences, further fostering cross-state collaboration.

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