ADvancing States Publications & Webinars

Title Summary
The Changing Landscape of Aging and Disability Information and Referral/Assistance: 2015 Survey of Aging and Disability I&R/A Agencies This report captures the current state of I&R/A service provision, including trends and developments, challenges and opportunities, and promising practices, through survey responses provided by representatives from state agencies on aging and disability, Area Agencies on Aging, Aging and Disability Resource Centers, Centers for Independent Living, non-profit human service organizations and national organizations.
Fact Sheet: Medicaid Third-Party Liability and Older Americans Act ADvancing States, in consultation with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Administration for Community Living (ACL) published a fact sheet regarding coordination of benefits between Older Americans Act programs and Medicaid LTSS services.
National Core Indicators Aging and Disability Adult Consumer Survey: 2015-2016 Mid-Year Results ADvancing States in collaboration with the Human Services Research Institute (HSRI) released the results from a six-state deployment of the National Core Indicators – Aging and Disabilities (NCI-AD™) adult consumer survey. While 13 states are participating in the NCI-AD survey in 2016, six of the states - Colorado, Georgia, Maine, Mississippi, New Jersey, and North Carolina- received their results more quickly.
ADvancing States 2016 Policy Priorities: Aging and Disabilities in America ADvancing States has released the association’s 2016 policy priorities. The priorities document outlines issues and recommendations regarding a wide range of health and human services programs important to older adults and people with disabilities. These include issues such as: • Implementation of the Older Americans Act reauthorization; • Medicaid LTSS innovations; • Support for caregivers; and • Employment for people with disabilities •
Caregivers in America Infographic The ADvancing States, in partnership with the National Alliance for Caregiving, created an infographic that depicts an overview of statistics on the experiences of caregivers in the United States, documenting their growing contributions to providing care to older adults and persons with disabilities in light of limited resources for caregiver services.
Promising Practice Tip Sheet: Increasing ADRC Employees’ Awareness of Medicare “Help” Programs The purpose of this tip sheet is to provide promising practices to help agencies increase the number of Medicare Savings Program and Low Income Subsidy applications. This tip sheet features an ADRC in South Carolina that uses two different practices internally to ensure that all of their staff is aware of the income eligibility numbers for MSP and LIS programs.
Promising Practices Tip Sheet: Increasing Outreach by Building Partnerships The purpose of this tip sheet is to provide promising practices to help agencies increase the number of Medicare Savings Program and Low Income Subsidy applications.
An Overview and Anaylsis of the Affordable Care Act These documents are summaries of Key Provisions in the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (HR 3590) as amended by the “Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010” (HR 4872). They offer comprehensive charts with analyses and information about rulemaking from the Affordable Care Act.
Aging in America Infographic This infographic depicts the statistics on the increasing needs of Older Americans in the United States and also the lack of funding for these services.
Disability in America Infographic This infographic shows an overview of the current statistics pertaining to experiences of individuals with disabilities that are living in the United States.