Alumni Leadership Network

ADvancing States is proud to announce the Alumni Leadership Network (ALN), offering robust professional networking opportunities as well as opportunities to utilize your LTSS and HCBS expertise as alumni.  Former ADvancing States members want to stay in contact, stay involved in HCBS policy, and continue to grow their professional networks. The ALN aims to provide a platform to do just that.

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The ALN isn’t just for former ADvancing States members! Former CMS, ACL, AoA, and ADvancing States staff are also welcome to join.

To learn more about ALN benefits, goals of the network, and fees for membership, click here. Interested in joining? Fill out an application here!                          ALN December open networking event

Alumni Leadership Network members can pay their alumni dues by credit card here. 

Upcoming events will be posted here:

Coming soon.


Let us know if you have any questions or comments at                                                                                                         

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ALN members Claudia Schlosberg, Gary Jessee, and Jen Burnett speaking at the 2019 HCBS Conference