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Certification for I&R/A Specialists in Aging/Disabilities (CRS-A/D) Webinar Training

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The National Information and Referral Support Center invites aging and disability professionals to join us for a webinar-based training for Information and Referral/Assistance (I&R/A) specialists in aging and disabilities. This training will provide an overview of key competencies needed for aging and disability I&R/A professionals and will provide preparation for the AIRS Certification exam for Community Resource Specialists in Aging/Disabilities (CRS-A/D).

Exploring Options for Integration: State Considerations to Better Coordinate Medicare and Medicaid

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People who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid must navigate two uncoordinated systems of care that have different incentives, benefits, provider networks, and enrollment processes. ADvancing States, in partnership with the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS), is developing resources for states new to integration to inform the adoption of strategies that better align Medicare and Medicaid for dually eligible individuals.

Turning gray and into the red. The true cost of growing old in America: Implications for States

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How much does it cost an older resident in your state to stay independent and cover their expenses? During this webinar, attendees will hear about the Elder Index, a tool that measures cost of living for older adults in every state and county in the U.S. The COVID-19 pandemic will have long-lasting implications for the financial security of older people, and for information and service needs on the state and local level. Listen in and learn how the Elder Index can inform your planning and evaluation.

Critical Incident Management: Core Elements to Enhance Your Approach

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States operating Medicaid waiver programs, as well as other programs, are required to safeguard consumers against critical incidents such as abuse, neglect, exploitation, and unexplained death. While states have different approaches for managing critical incidents; there are key elements that every state should have to better protect its citizens from harm and to reduce the state from liability.

Supported Decision-Making for Older Adults

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ADvancing States is hosting a webinar, Supported Decision-Making for Older Adults. Join us as Rebekah Diller, Clinical Professor of Law at Cardozo School of Law, and Morgan Whitlatch, Legal Director at Quality Trust, discuss supported decision-making for older adults. The panelists will go over the basics of supported decision-making and provide practical examples on how to advance its use in the lives of for older adults. Tools and tips from this webinar can help older adults in care planning.

Home Maintenance: Resources from the Here to Stay Program

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NOTE: Registration for this webinar is now full. The recording, slides, and transcript from the event will be posted on our website afterwards:

The National I&R Support Center will host a webinar on Home Maintenance: Resources from the Here to Stay Program. This webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, February 11, 2020, from 3:00-4:00p.m. Eastern time.

ADvancing States Spring Meeting

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The 2020 ADvancing States Virtual Spring Meeting will take place online, June 10-11th, for state directors of aging, disabilities, and Medicaid LTSS. This annual roundtable-style discussion symposium will feature sessions that are live webcasted and feature active participation from attendees and panelists. Check out the infographic below for an overview of our Virtual Spring Meeting.


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