ADvancing States and CHCS Release Brief on Using Medicare Data to Further Dual Eligible Integration

WASHINGTON, DC – ADvancing States is pleased to announce the release of a new issue brief, De-Mystifying Data: How Medicare Data Can Support Medicaid Agencies, developed in partnership with the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS). This issue brief is the latest publication from the MLTSS Institute, which was established in 2016 to drive improvements in key MLTSS policy areas, facilitate sharing and learning among states, and provide direct and intensive technical assistance to states and health plans. This issue brief is the third of three to be published in 2019-2020 focused on aspects of delivering effective care to individuals eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid (dually eligible individuals). 
Only about 2/3 of states have undertaken any activity to better integrate care for dually eligible individuals as they face a number of barriers to implementing integrated care programs. This issue brief provides a primer on the ways that Medicare data can help states better deliver care to dually eligible individuals; it also details information about data sources and other resources available to help obtain and analyze Medicare data.  
Martha Roherty, ADvancing States Executive Director, believes this issue brief provides the information states need to better utilize Medicare data. “Our members have limited resources and need to marshal them for the highest-value activities. We are so pleased that this issue brief will direct them to the types of Medicare data that would be most valuable to them, as well as providing plain-language explanations of the data available to them to better serve dually eligible individuals.” 
“Given the diverse health and social needs of dually eligible individuals, states need insight into beneficiaries’ full clinical profiles to design effective, targeted interventions,” said Allison Hamblin, MSPH, CHCS President and CEO. “This brief describes many opportunities for states to use both Medicare and Medicaid data for program planning and implementation purposes.”
ADvancing States hopes that this issue brief will provide concise information to state agencies on the types and uses of data that can help to bring the Medicare and Medicaid programs together for dually eligible beneficiaries in a thoughtful way.
Read the issue brief here.
News date: 
Wednesday, October 14, 2020