ADvancing States Announces Release of

ADvancing States, in collaboration with Centene Corporation, is pleased to announce the release of for wide dissemination and use in all 56 states and territories. This new website serves as a tool to solve the critical problem many healthcare facilities face during the COVID-19 crisis – how to fill critical staffing gaps in a timely fashion.

The first release of allows nursing homes, assisted living facilities, residential care facilities, and long-term acute care hospitals to identify gaps in specific staffing needs they have on particular days. At the same time, healthcare professionals who are licensed and/or trained for the various roles needed by these facilities can register their availability and willingness to fill shifts. An algorithm then matches the workers to the facilities – in real time. States and territories have the ability to manage which facilities are included (to enable preference for those in crisis) as well as to monitor the matching process.

In future iterations, the tool will include matching for hospitals, homecare agencies, hospice, and individuals who self-direct their care.

“The COVID-19 pandemic shines a light on the severity of our long-term services and supports workforce shortage across the nation,” shared Martha Roherty, Executive Director of ADvancing States. “State leadership have reported that their nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other group homes are facing massive staffing shortages in some of the hardest hit areas. Our intention in building this website is to help fill those staffing gaps quickly.”

The framework and algorithm that powers has been donated by Centene to ADvancing States; ADvancing States, in turn, is making the tool widely available to all 56 states and territories. Intentionally built on an open source platform, states and territories will be able to add functionality to the framework to help manage through the crisis.

“We are committed to the health of our country and are proud to have been able to quickly develop this asset with ADvancing States. Making sure that all of our nation’s providers are fully equipped to deal with this crisis is of paramount importance,” says Michael Monson, Senior Vice President, Medicaid and Complex Care for Centene.

The website was successfully launched and tested last week in Colorado.

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News date: 
Monday, May 11, 2020