ADvancing States Launches Disability Training for I&R Specialists

ADvancing States is pleased to share the release of a new training module on disability for Information and Referral (I&R) specialists on the ADvancing States iQ online learning center. This training module, "Disability for I&R Specialists," provides participants with an overview of key issues relevant to providing information and referral/assistance (I&R/A) to individuals with disabilities. The training module covers several topics including disability awareness, effective communication, services and trends in service delivery, resources, disability rights and advocacy, and empowerment. The training concludes with a self-administered quiz.

In partnership with the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) and n4a, this training module will assist Certified Information & Referral Specialist - Aging (CIRS-A) certificate holders to grandfather to the new Certified Information & Referral Specialist - Aging/Disabilities (CIRS-A/D) credential. CIRS-A holders may take the disability training at any time from now until the existing date of their AIRS Recertification. After receiving a Certificate of Completion for the training and quiz, an individual holding a CIRS-A can immediately use the designation of "CIRS-A/D." However, they will not receive a CIRS-A/D Certificate from AIRS until they have officially recertified on their existing renewal date. This training course can also account for two of the ten hours of professional training required for AIRS Recertification. Additionally, this training module may benefit any I&R specialist who would like to become more proficient at serving people with disabilities.

Visit ADvancing States iQ to access this free disability training.
For information on AIRS Certification, click here.

News date: 
Wednesday, March 4, 2015