MLTSS Consumer Highlights Benefits of Managed Care for Long-Term Services and Supports

Gary Sullivan, a member of UnitedHealthcare in Tennessee, shares his perspective on the benefits he’s received from being a UnitedHealthcare member. Gary, who was a practicing attorney until his retirement, has been wheelchair-bound due to his muscular dystrophy for many years, and has significant need for help with activities of daily living. He spoke eloquently at ADvancing States’s April 2015 MLTSS Symposium about the impact that UnitedHealthcare has had on his quality of life, but urged state policymakers and health plans to put the consumer first in an MLTSS program. In this video, Gary highlights the ways in which his managed care plan helps him live at home with his family rather than in a nursing home. Gary provides advice to states creating an MLTSS program about the key areas in design and implementation they should consider. Most importantly, he urges policymakers to ‘first do no harm’.

You can view the video here.

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News date: 
Thursday, August 27, 2015