National Core Indicators Aging and Disabilities 2021-2022 Adult Consumer Survey National Report Released

This report is the most comprehensive and representative assessment of self-reported outcomes among older adults and people with physical disabilities receiving publicly funded LTSS since 2018. These data were collected from 13,663 people between June 2021 and July 2022. The sample includes individuals from 15 regionally representative states and a variety of LTSS programs, including: Medicaid HCBS, Nursing Facilities, and Older Americans Act recipients. Among those surveyed, 69% say that their services are meeting their needs and goals. Of those with unmet needs, the most widely cited service needs are for homemaker, personal care assistance and transportation; only 51% of those with unmet needs report that their case manager talks with them about services that will meet their needs. One possible contributor to unmet needs is staff turnover. While staff turnover rates were lower compared to 2018 rates, the percentage of paid family as the respondent's primary support increased. This suggests that policy changes, such as Appendix K modifications, may have influenced the impact of turnover for services users. These data may inform policies and practices to promote better implementation of services and supports to best meet the needs of people who use HCBS.

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News date: 
Tuesday, April 18, 2023