Federal Appropriations Analysis and Update

Earlier this week, the Senate released the remaining FY2022 appropriations bills not yet addressed in that chamber, including the Labor-HHS-Education package that includes most aging & disability programs. As you may recall, the Federal government is currently operating under a continuing resolution (CR), which extended funding for programs at the FY2021 levels until December 3, 2021.


The Labor-HHS-Ed bill proposal includes $220.8 billion in base funding, which would be an increase of $46.7 billion over FY2021 levels. While an analysis of the Senate’s appropriations bills is informative for understanding where the Senate stands vis-à-vis the House appropriations bills and the President’s budget requests, the current language is unlikely to be passed into law in its current form. It is unlikely to pass due to disagreements between Democrats and Republicans on overall spending numbers for defense and non-defense discretionary programs, as well as the proposed removal of the Hyde Amendment which prohibits Federal funding from being used for abortion services.


Read our traditional budget charts and a short summary memorandum.

Alert date: 
Monday, October 25, 2021