Quarantine Management & Tracking: Two Suggested Business Solutions

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Therap Services

Therap has created a COVID-19 package that facilitates real-time information collection and dissemination. This will fill an important need to quickly capture COVID-19 related information for both employees and persons receiving services and ensure that services and communication are taking place in the most efficient manner.

The application is extremely intuitive, meaning that it does not require extensive training for staff to be able to use.  It is also easy to install on any mobile device or laptop. Therefore, it can be up and running quickly without diverting precious time or attention from the important work your employees and partners are doing. All components of the system are, of course, fully HIPAA-compliant with security features that meet or exceed industry standards.

In addition, Therap will include full support and has an extensive, proven track record providing virtual support and other resources needed to ensure seamless implementation and use. This will include Live Help availability which has been increased during this time of significant need. Therap will also provide enhanced implementation support to states as needed thus decreasing the challenge associated with getting these elements operational.

For more information, click here or contact Barry Pollack at barry.pollack@therapservices.net or Jeff Case at jeff.case@therapservices.net.



Tellus’ has just released a variation of our best-in-class Home Health Electronic Visit Verification (eVV) cloud solution to manage COVID-19 home-quarantined persons.   Federal and State governments can leverage this solution to geolocate, manage, and communicate with quarantined persons. Tellus is able to have a State operable and running in 24-hours.

Tellus eVV is widely used by Home Health providers, by state governments, and by many of the largest managed care organizations (MCO’s).   EVV technology, as defined today, bridges a gap between States, Payers, Providers and Caregivers. This solution allows and creates a real-time window of care into the home; thus, improving quality of care, timeliness of care, and allowing for service provider caregivers to offer in home care.  The time and place of the care is managed while also managing the care and the results of the care to be tracked.  To assist with the national crisis, Tellus has taken this proven technology and re-purposed it to help manage those that are self-quarantined.

For more information, click here or contact Brad Levine from Tellus at brad.levine@4tellus.com.